Saturday, July 12, 2014

Can Congressman Cory Gardner and the House of Representatives Create a Real Solution to President Barack Obama's Manufactured Southern Border Crisis?

by John Gaudio,

Barack Obama has been playing the legislative branch like a fiddle, but Cory Gardner and other conservative representatives now have a unique opportunity to turn that around.

With his phone and his pen, the Imperial President continues to ignore both Congress and the Will of the People. He abuses the citizens of this nation, the foreign children he entices with the candy of a free pass to the US, and his presidential powers, all to design and deliver this heinous crisis on our southern border.  Obama now attempts to use his manufactured crisis to bully Congress into handing him  a 3.7 billion dollar, no strings attached check, "for the children,"supposedly to solve the very crisis he's intentionally creating.  His proposed "solution" to the crisis won't help.  It will not get Obama's alien children home.  It will however dump, and is already dumping, those children on the streets of our cities, towns, and states, putting them in danger, putting us in danger, accelerating our illegal immigration problems, all by further abusing these children, turning them into pawns for the advancement of Barack Obama's effort to "Transform America."

According to our Constitution, Congress writes the laws, and the President enforces those laws, but this president would simply create his own de facto laws by Executive Order, then call on Congress to pay the bills.  NO MORE!

Today I met Congressman, soon to be Senator, Cory Gardner, as he visited us in Jefferson County.  Can Gardner and his fellow Representatives create a compelling solution to the real problem, a solution sufficiently compelling that even Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama, must choose between embracing the real solution, or being clearly labeled as the real obstructionists. 

Can Congress do the job laid out for them in our US Constitution, in a way that effectively forces President Obama to do his job, as laid out for him in that same US Constitution?

Here's my idea, though I'm sure it will modified and refined greatly.

1) Require that the border fence, which was has already been approved and paid for through previous legislation, be physically built before most of the new money becomes available.

2) Immediately provide funds to establish temporary humanitarian aid refugee camps at the border, either in Mexico or a part of the US designated as a holding area, such that any born in these camps do not automatically attain US citizenship, but remain alien nationals.

3) Provide each of these people with food, appropriate medical help as necessary, and screening, for a period of hours or days, not weeks or months.

4) Create administrative judge positions, on location, and a process whereby individuals must be quickly evaluated, and through which most who are not citizens will be immediately moved back across the very border they violated, with reasonable rations/supplies to get them on their way.

5) For smaller, unaccompanied children, and some special cases, make provision to transport them back to their country of origin, by bus or other means, through, and with the cooperation of, Mexico.

6) Write this legislation in such a way that use of the funds is strictly limited to these functions, and other functions specified in the bill.  Require that any administrative rules associated with the law, and the funds from said law, must conform with specific guidelines, and that said rules are subject to fast track review, approval, and dismissal by a congressional committee appointed for that purpose.

This is only a brief outline.  I'm sure Cory Gardner and the other Representatives can and will come up with the details required, even if it looks very different from my initial thoughts, to bring about a true resolution to this terrible crisis.

Representative Gardner, we need leadership in the House, and in the Senate.  Will you take this bull by the horns?   Will you demonstrate the leadership and the resolve to reign in this Imperial President?  Will you use the opportunity afforded us by Barack Obama's creation of this manufactured crisis, to lead our Congress, by taking back the legislative functions usurped by Barack Obama?  Will you choose Liberty, in the Liberty-Slavery-Choice, that we all face?

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