Monday, July 28, 2014

Americans Against Terrorism Rally to Support Israel and Her Choice for Liberty over Slavery

by John Gaudio

Yesterday, Americans Against Terrorism sponsored a rally on the west steps of the Colorado State Capital, supporting Israel, and calling on both Secretary of State John Kerry, and the world at large, to stay out of the way as Israel works to demilitarize Gaza, to permanently eliminate both the barrage of rockets being fired into Israel, and the network of tunnels designed to allow Hamas terrorists easy access to innocent Israeli civilians.

While I missed the first few speakers, I recorded the rest, starting with the last few comments of Democratic Colorado State Representative Rhonda Fields.  While she supports Israel, her comments, suggesting the need to support a truce, peace, and "diplomacy," raised enthusiastic objections and comments from the crowd.  Ms Fields is a strong proponent of gun control here in Colorado, and though we all want peace, she disagreed with most of us at the rally, about the need to allow Israel to use force against Hamas, to secure that peace.

Other speakers included Steve Kelley, Dan Caplis, Jimmy Sengenberger, Bob Beauprez, and the Chairman of Americans Against Terrorism, Dr. Neil G. Dobro.  Please listen to the audio I recorded, which can be downloaded here.  Many more of my photos can be seen at

Israel, and those who came to support her yesterday, are Choosing Liberty.  The people of Gaza Choose Slavery every time they elect Hamas to represent them.  In turn, Hamas Chooses to force those people of Gaza into the worst kind of Slavery, to be human shields protecting the weapons of Hamas.

It is a more obvious example of the same choice we face here, every time we vote, or choose not to vote.  Will we choose leaders who support Liberty, or leaders who would enslave us?  I  ask you to Choose Liberty, in the Liberty-Slavery-Choice.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Can Congressman Cory Gardner and the House of Representatives Create a Real Solution to President Barack Obama's Manufactured Southern Border Crisis?

by John Gaudio,

Barack Obama has been playing the legislative branch like a fiddle, but Cory Gardner and other conservative representatives now have a unique opportunity to turn that around.

With his phone and his pen, the Imperial President continues to ignore both Congress and the Will of the People. He abuses the citizens of this nation, the foreign children he entices with the candy of a free pass to the US, and his presidential powers, all to design and deliver this heinous crisis on our southern border.  Obama now attempts to use his manufactured crisis to bully Congress into handing him  a 3.7 billion dollar, no strings attached check, "for the children,"supposedly to solve the very crisis he's intentionally creating.  His proposed "solution" to the crisis won't help.  It will not get Obama's alien children home.  It will however dump, and is already dumping, those children on the streets of our cities, towns, and states, putting them in danger, putting us in danger, accelerating our illegal immigration problems, all by further abusing these children, turning them into pawns for the advancement of Barack Obama's effort to "Transform America."

According to our Constitution, Congress writes the laws, and the President enforces those laws, but this president would simply create his own de facto laws by Executive Order, then call on Congress to pay the bills.  NO MORE!

Today I met Congressman, soon to be Senator, Cory Gardner, as he visited us in Jefferson County.  Can Gardner and his fellow Representatives create a compelling solution to the real problem, a solution sufficiently compelling that even Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama, must choose between embracing the real solution, or being clearly labeled as the real obstructionists. 

Can Congress do the job laid out for them in our US Constitution, in a way that effectively forces President Obama to do his job, as laid out for him in that same US Constitution?

Here's my idea, though I'm sure it will modified and refined greatly.

1) Require that the border fence, which was has already been approved and paid for through previous legislation, be physically built before most of the new money becomes available.

2) Immediately provide funds to establish temporary humanitarian aid refugee camps at the border, either in Mexico or a part of the US designated as a holding area, such that any born in these camps do not automatically attain US citizenship, but remain alien nationals.

3) Provide each of these people with food, appropriate medical help as necessary, and screening, for a period of hours or days, not weeks or months.

4) Create administrative judge positions, on location, and a process whereby individuals must be quickly evaluated, and through which most who are not citizens will be immediately moved back across the very border they violated, with reasonable rations/supplies to get them on their way.

5) For smaller, unaccompanied children, and some special cases, make provision to transport them back to their country of origin, by bus or other means, through, and with the cooperation of, Mexico.

6) Write this legislation in such a way that use of the funds is strictly limited to these functions, and other functions specified in the bill.  Require that any administrative rules associated with the law, and the funds from said law, must conform with specific guidelines, and that said rules are subject to fast track review, approval, and dismissal by a congressional committee appointed for that purpose.

This is only a brief outline.  I'm sure Cory Gardner and the other Representatives can and will come up with the details required, even if it looks very different from my initial thoughts, to bring about a true resolution to this terrible crisis.

Representative Gardner, we need leadership in the House, and in the Senate.  Will you take this bull by the horns?   Will you demonstrate the leadership and the resolve to reign in this Imperial President?  Will you use the opportunity afforded us by Barack Obama's creation of this manufactured crisis, to lead our Congress, by taking back the legislative functions usurped by Barack Obama?  Will you choose Liberty, in the Liberty-Slavery-Choice, that we all face?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bigotry, from the Mouth of Harry Reid. His Public Words "Five White Men" were Far More Racist than the Private Words of Donald Sterling.

by John Gaudio,

According to Harry Reid, “The one thing we are going to do during this work period, sooner rather than later, is to ensure that women’s lives are not determined by virtue of five white men.”

Five white men?  What difference should it make if the five Supreme Court Justices that voted for the Religious Liberty enshrined in our Constitution are men, or are white?  By the way, Senator Reid, when's the last time you looked closely at Justice Clarence Thomas?

Justice Thomas is clearly black, but it appears that in the mind, and on the lips, of Senator Harry Reid, his blackness doesn't really count.  Sure, his skin is much darker than the skin of the other "white men," but it seems Senator Reid sees Justice Thomas as one of those white men, who just happens to look black.  His is not a little slip of the tongue, but a glimpse into the bigotry and racism harbored by Senator Reid, and so many other prominent members of the Left.

Of course, only white men would dare disagree with Harry Reid and the Democratic Party.  Isn't there a law that all those black people have to be Democrats?  Maybe Justice Thomas doesn't see it that way. 

How could any truly black man be a conservative, how could a truly black man defend the Religious Liberty guaranteed in our Constitution?  How could a truly black man resist the temptation presented to him, by Senator Reid, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Mark Udall, and so many other would be slave masters, to accept with thanks, the chains of slavery that Reid and the Democratic Party so "kindly" and "graciously" offer to him?

Mark Udall introducing the "Protect Womens Health From Corporate Interference Act" above, aka the "Not my Boss' Business Act" below, in a futile attempt to nullify the decision of these "five white men."

Where is the public outcry to take the Senate away from Harry Reid?

In a private conversation, Donald Sterling asked his alleged mistress, a minority herself, to avoid being seen and photographed in public with some minorities.  It was a stupid thing for him to say, but it was his personal opinion, expressed privately to someone who secretly recorded him and betrayed his confidence.  Yet, the media, the NBA, the NAACP, and, it would seem, the vast majority of the people of the world, want Sterling's head on a silver platter, not to mention his basketball team.

Reid's statement, attributing this Supreme Court Hobby Lobby Ruling to the race and gender of "five white men," shows the true character, not only of Harry Reid, but of the leadership of  the Democratic Party.  Race is their tool.  Equality, for them, is disastrous, and Senator Reid's racist bigoted statement, made in public, to reporters, on the record, is far more heinous than anything I've heard from Mr. Sterling.

Clearly, the Master of the Senate hates the idea that some citizens refuse his government issued chains of slavery.   Harry Reid should be ousted from the Senate and run out of town on a rail, but it won't happen. To paraphrase a bad line from two old movies,

"[Being a Democrat] means never having to say you're sorry."

 No matter how offensive, racist and bigoted your statements may be.

This must change. Stand up for the truth, and speak out to your friends, neighbors, and others, against the lies, misinformation, racism and bigotry that have infected the Democratic Leadership and much of the Legacy Media. Remember, we each have many choices. Please, chose Liberty, when faced with the Liberty-Slavery-Choice.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Would John F. Kennedy be a Republican Leader, if He were with Us Today?

by John Gaudio,

"Ask not what your country can do for you!  Ask what you can do for your country!"  

This may be the most famous quote of the great JFK, who knew instinctively that a country of the people, by the people and for the people, can work only when the vast majority of those people take responsibility first for themselves, their families, their local communities, their states, and their country.  Compare that to Obama's famous quote, "You didn't build that."

I discovered the wonderful article below, by Kyle Smith, and through it the book, JFK, Conservative, by Ira Stoll.  How has the Democratic Party gone so terribly wrong in just fifty years?  How have they abandoned their iconic leader, John F. Kennedy, and so many of the good men and women who still call themselves democrats, though they relate far more to the conservative nature of John Kennedy, than to the radical, and as we see confirmed now, truly deceitful nature, of Barack Obama?

Modern Democrats Would View John F. Kennedy As A Reaganite Extremist

John Kennedy understood liberty and freedom.  He understood that if the people were to ask what their country could do for them, and depend on the supposed generosity of their country to provide for their needs, those people would not be choosing liberty, or freedom.  They would choose, and sadly today, too many of them do choose, the chains of their own slavery.

The Republican party was founded to promote liberty and abolish slavery.  The modern progressive Democratic party abolishes liberty, to promote slavery, dependence, decline, and decay, by buying the votes of those who would sell their liberty, their freedom, their self respect, in some cases their very souls, for Obama phones, Obama care, welfare checks, and other shiny appealing bracelets, that form the very chains of their slavery.

The great John F. Kennedy warned them, and us, to avoid such folly.

"Ask not what your country can do for you!  Ask what you can do for your country!"

Let us, as good conservative Republicans, echo those wise words as we reach out to our friends and neighbors who may not yet know that the modern progressive Democratic party has abandoned them, as it abandoned JFK.  Let us help them understand that the power to cast off those chains is within their grasp!

Sunday, July 6, 2014


by John Gaudio,

I am inspired.  There is hope for our great nation, and we are that hope.

"America, Imagine a World Without Her", is thoughtful, respectful, powerful, entertaining and beautifully executed.  More than a wonderful movie, it is a template for gently and effectively battling the forces of the far left, as those forces work to destroy us, forces that have told so many lies for so many decades, that they are believed by far too many good people.

D'Souza  exposes these terrible dark lies, first, by reporting them:

"The wealth and abundance of American life are not earned, they're stolen."
"Thievery was a critical element to the expansion of American empire."
"This is a nation founded on genocide and built on the backs of slaves."
and many others.

He then respectfully listens as prominent members of the far left elaborate, and through the course of his film, Dinesh D'Souza exposes the lies, putting them in their true context, and illuminating them in the light of truth, through powerful, entertaining, and inspiring examples.  He is compelling.

Please, gather your friends to see America, Imagine a World Without Her.  Conservatives will find it uplifting.  Some good liberals will be enlightened, and those of the far left, who seek to fundamentally transform our nation, will attack it.  Still, in the words of Winston Churchill,

"The truth is incontrovertible.  Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is."

America, Imagine a World Without Her, teaches us by example, how to fight that malice and displace that ignorance, through compassion and understanding for, and conversation with, those who have been so terribly, and disastrously misled.

Each of us must choose, liberty, or slavery.  Some will work and vote to retain their liberty, to control their own lives.  Others will sell their liberty for a pittance,  settling for unearned welfare checks, volunteering to wear their chains of slavery.  This movie clarifies our choices.

Dinesh D'Sousa is not a Washington, a Lincoln, or a Reagan, but a man who builds on that which those great men gave us.  I am no D'Souza, but through this post, I build on his gift to do my small part of this great work.  I ask that you to do the same.


I saw the movie last night, bought the book, "America, Imagine a World Without Her", on my way home, and created this blog before getting to sleep.  Soon I'll be adding archived posts from my old blogsite, and creating new posts as we move through the next two critical election cycles.

Dinesh D'Suza lit a fire under me, and I'm sure from the reactions I saw in the theater, and those I've heard on Hugh Hewett, that his inspiring film is raising an army to share the truth about our America, our "Land of the Free," our "Home of the Brave," with those among us who who are still fooled by the lies, those among us who choose to sell their liberty for a handout, accepting the chains of slavery offered by the left.