Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mike Coffman, Cory Gardner and Bob Beauprez, choose Liberty, as the Republican Party, in Colorado, and Throughout Our Nation, Continues the Battle to End the Self Imposed Slavery Offered as "Hope and Change" by the Current Leaders of the Democratic Party!

by John Gaudio,

We Celebrate Victory in November, in Colorado, and throughout our great nation, as voters cast off the chains of slavery, taken on willingly by too many Americans, in the name of Barack Obama's empty promises, of "Hope and Change."

Republicans now control the Senate.  Harry Reid's ability to shut down the legislative process for the protection of our Imperial President, Barack Obama, will soon be just a terrible memory.  Mike Coffman and Cory Gardner have officially won in Colorado, while Bob Beauprez dives for the goal line, the ball nearly touching the pylon, as we wait for the official ruling on this terribly close race.

Hear and see Cory Gardner and Bob Beauprez, as they addressed us last night in Denver Colorado, then please, emulate them, and the majority of our voters, as you make your own Liberty-Slavery-Choice!

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